Is this for you?

If you want to check out to see if this work would suit you, go ahead and check out the following short statements, and see if you resonate with some, a few or all of them. If you do you may well find yourself in the right place!


  • You like self discovery.
  • You are looking for a spiritual path of purpose and awakening
  • You are someone who is looking for more meaning in your life. You have an inner calling to connect with a deeper part of yourself. You are keen and curious and are interested in the world of natural medicine. You possibly explored various healing modalities and have learned about yourself. You are keen to continue on your path.
  • You have some habits that you would like to change. You've probably tried a few things already, but haven't been succesful, it didn't stick.
  • You are aware of the need to work on yourself and are really wanting to find solutions for some life issues you are struggling with and simply need some assistance helping you to move into the right direction.
  • You are already a healer or complimentary health practitioner, you love the world of chakras and energy and you are looking for ways to deepen your work on yourself and with your clients. You are exploring what it means to be grounded and present. ( It's not the therapy we practice, it's the ability of the therapist to be present with their client' )
  • You know you have energy abilities and feel connected to the more subtle and invisible realms around you. You are often not sure if your experience is real?  Is what I pick up in my client right? You would like expert guidance to help you to grow confidence in your healership.
  • You are longing to live your life from a higher consciousness.


Original water colour painting

Maria Olsthoorn (c) 

You and I will probably work well together if...........

You love the idea of healing, from physical aches to emotional release and into spiritual expansion

You love commitment

You love going deep

You are willing to be honest with yourself

You enjoy learning about yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, and experience how you change as a result

You love living a meaningful life with a sense of purpose

You want to learn how to take responsibility for yourself and help change the world starting with yourself

You are keen to be of service to a greater good

You can't wait to be on your Souls journey

You long to live your life from a higher consciousness and from Essence

You've seen multiple programmes of people going on a pilgrimage. It's time to stop sitting on the fence and start your own


If you said yes to at least 3 of the above then read on............. go to