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Pathways to the Self 
Healing the Self through Shadow work.
a 9 months online course
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Core  Healing

Core Alignment

Developing clarity of self and purposeful living



Do you find it hard to believe that something you suffer from can he healed? Have you resigned to your pain, have you learned to live with it? ......but it's there lingering in the background and probably dragging you down, making you feel tired, irritated, frustrated and most likely affecting your social activities and quality of life?


Private Healing Sessionsprivate healing sessions

I might be able to help with restoring your sense of well being.

by addressing your conscious and unconscious habits and using these as a tool for your transformation. I would be honored to assist you on a healing journey and support you in transforming your bad habits and resolve issues with others and life.

 Workshops in Energy Healing


This Healing work will assist and support the release of your acute and chronic pain as well of the pain of your past (trauma). New space is created in which your true, authentic, original, joyful Core Self can emerge and blossom. You may find that your life transforms as a result.
This Healing work can be a very empowering experience for will open an inspired path for you with effective tools to live a purposeful, meaningful and inspired life.

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Pathways to the Self

Healing the Self through Shadow work