Landscape painting on location

On location

Well, I got out there, with easel and brushes. Inititally tried to get inspired at the top of the rocks looking down on the water  but it didnt work for me up there, so I descended down a steep path and made my way to the rocky beach. The weather was alright, just balancing the easel on the stones as you can see in the picture was a job and a half. However once set up, about an hour and a half later, and once I started getting the paint onto the canvas I found myself getting lost in the views, the water, wind, waves, the sound of the rocks rolling back and forth with the incoming tide and the meditative focus of paper and paint.  This here is Cummingston rock, where people practice rock climbing and where you can spot seals, dolphins and plenty bird life. This is only my first ever oil painting with a further three oil painting following.

Painting at Cummingston ,Moray, Scotland
Cummingston, Moray, Scotland. Oil on board
Woods at Randolphs Leap, Forres, Moray, Scotland. Oil on board
Hopeman beach, Moray, Scotland. Oil on board
Autumn woods/ Burning woods, Oil on canvas