Individual one to one healing work

Healing sessions available

There are a variety of focussed sessions to choose from. With any session I will respond to how you want to use the time. If you dont see anything here to suit you, your best choice may be a 40 min online introductory session

  • KG7CCyD0-QE
  • chakra-DaVinci

40 min online

These session are great as introductory sessions or for those who have less time in their day.

  • chakra and consciousness
  • 7 chakras

One hour online healing session

A mix of energy techniques exploring the presented health issues and the psyche

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30 min distant healing session

Remote healing is possible for those that cannot come to their computer in person

All sessions are using Zoom as the platform. You will receive a link upon confirmation of your booking and payment.

In person sessions are 1.20hrs at £75

Please email me to book.

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40 min online Clearing, charging and balancing chakras and energy field

These session are great for cleansing and rejuvenating

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One hour Intention Healing

The time is dedicated to healing, repairing and aligning the various point within the field of Intention. Rooting, Tantien, Higher Heart, ID and Spiritual source

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One hour Core alignment

Healing techniques will clear, charge and balance the field, aligning Intention and centering in Essence