How it all works

As you will have understood;

my approach is to be present with you as a whole being. 

As a healer and facilitator I work with my abiltities to receive information from the more subtle and invisible worlds. This need not be spooky!

This ability informs me about what you are feeling in the moment and I use that information to nudge you deeper, or to invite you to explore something you might normally skip over.

I work with you on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and the way these aspects interact and connect together.

During the session we will most likely engage in a therapeutic exploration, though not always, and we apply healing modalities in the moment, as and when needed.

This process always works in tandem with work on your energy field and chakras, and deeper work on the organs and body physiology, repairing of energy structures, spiritual work, relationship work, past life work, exploration of your Intention and Source connection. Sometimes trauma release. 

I also intend to teach you the tools you need to continuer work on yourself, which helps  you feel empowered in between sessions.

We will explorespiritual aspects such as your Intention for life (how you make your choices) and your connection with your life purpose. 

Our source connection, your soul your Essence, God, the universe, whatever you like to call it, is from where we move into a rich and deeply meaningful contact with all of life. Our unique source connection moves us towards an ever deepening contact with our True Self. 

Sometimes healing can be subtle. It may appear as an improvement in your mind and mood. Feelingl more vibrant, more optimistic, more creative, and lessened aches and pains. Once you start on your journey you will start to feel more grounded and at the same time develop a relationship with your soul's longing. You will be on your way to your inner sense of purpose, that makes everything in you come alive. 

As your facilitator and coach I invite you to be an active participant in your own journey. Progress requires self responsibility, commitment tand a willingness to change.

Please note: I might call myself a healer but I do not diagnose medical conditions. If you have a medical condition, diagnosed by your health provider, we can work together to find natural ways of healing. I will never ask you to stop listening to your doctor or stop taking your medication.