Healing work


This healing modality combines solid 4 dimensions body-mind psychotherapy
(Brennan Integration Work)  
with very effective hands-on healing techniques
(Brennan Healing Science).
Hands on healing s
essions are non-invasive, inclusive of other therapies, cleansing, deeply relaxing, pain relieving, symptom releaving etc........... and can involve emotional release, sometimes cathartic; and can be deeply healing and life changing.
After most healing sessions something will have shifted for you.  This is the result of clearing out emotional blocks and repairing the energy structures of your organs and chakras which increases energetic flow through your energy field and facilitates release, change and health.  Sometimes the shifts are subtle but often you experience an improvement in your mood or the way you think about something. You may suddenly feel like eating healthier or doing exercise or wanting to take a painting class.
All are signs of improvement and healing happening.

My healing work always expands into the 4 Dimensions of Being and all seven levels and chakras of your energy field.

As a healer I do not diagnose. If you have been diagnosed by your GP with a medical condition I encourage you to stay with the treatment your GP has recommended for you.
I am committed to nudge you towards health and well being and committed to assisting you to make new choices that will result in increased vitality, joy and a happier and more fulfilling life.
With love and dedication,
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