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Eclipse and Healing through Shadow work

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Eclipse and Healing through shadow work. 

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It's a good time to write something about shadow. This with the upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21. Astrologers wisdom suggests that as we are thrown into darkness (the light of the sun is stopped by the moon travelling in front of it), we are symbolically thrown into darkness. In the world of personal development and healing it refers to a time when the issues we are blind to in a normal day of consciousness come out to bit us in the bumm. I dont think this is just about to happen on the 21st. Take a look around the world and if you ahve followed the global news only a bit you will have noticed how much turbulence there is across our globe. Terror attacks are becoming the norm. Violence and upheaval is more and more seen in our streets and voices that have long kept quiet are beginning to speak up. At the moment there is a strong eruption of anger, hatred and intolerance.

So these would be shadow issues, the aspects of us that we reject, do not want to see, hear or feel, find unacceptable. So they lie buried in the depth of our unconscious until the pressure to keep them under becomes too high and it can remain under no longer.

Is this what we are seeing in our towns and cities at the moment?

Humanity is showing its ugly face and it is no pleasure to be witness to it.

There is an other side though to 'shadow' which often remains unnoticed. Shadow in itself indicates dark and cool, so maybe in that sense fits the negative side of looking at things.

But what about a different shadow? What about good things having been kept under for a long long while? 

As horrible things are happening we are also seeing really good things happening. People that really care are stepping forward. Neighbours and friends are standing side by side to build community and to speak on behalf of that which is good. People find strength and power in the face of intolerance and violence. 

On August 21, whilst we will all be staring up into the skye (with a safe pair of special eclipse glasses) eager to watch a great cosmic phenomena, let us hold a vision of the total eclipse of the sun to bring much light to the hearts of our humanity.

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