A Passion for Healing!


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I originate from the Netherlands where I studied Fine Art, observing and painting the human body. It was during those years that I began to 'see'color and light around my models and became aware of   the human aura/ human energy field.  My art training was complimented with a training in Color Healing which gave me in depth insight into the relationship between color and the human body.
I came to live in the Findhorn Community in Scotland in 1989 where I  trained in Aromatherapy and Massage. My years here have really enriched my life with a deep sense of meaning, purpose and spiritual values. I continue to find invaluable professional and life experience in my work here as facilitator of individual and group healing with people from all over the world.
I graduated from the 4-year training in Energy Healing with Barbara Brennan, a well known healer and teacher of healing at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the US. I was taught a Map of Consciousness that I continue to work with, as it is so enriching, with its 4 dimensional approach to the Healing Journey of each individual. This map is called 'The 4 Dimensions of Being, Healing through the Human Energy Field'
In 2010 I graduated from BBSH Advanced Studies in Brennan Integration Work and became a Brennan Integration Practitioner, bringing body- mind psychotherapeutic skill to my practice.

In October 2010 I was endorsed as a teacher of the 'Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science' now called 'Hands of Light'
I have trained for 10 years in Energy Healing and various other healing modalities and have over 30 years experience in private practice and teaching. I facilitate deep healing work with the intention to bring lasting positive change.
Presently I have taken up new studies with Thomas Hubl. I have studied Mystical principles of Healing, 1 and 2 and Transparent Communication and continue to be involved in his meditations, inner work and teaching of healing collective trauma.
My Qualifications:
Teaching degree in Fine Arts 1980NL
Certificate Color healing and Color therapy 1985 QINS
Transformation Game facilitator 1991, Innerlinks
Certificate Aromatherapy and Massage 1997 SPICA
Certificate short course Nutritional Medicine 2000 Plaskett College
Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 2005 Miami FL USA
Graduate Advanced Studies Brennan Integration Work BIP '10
Endorsed 'Hands of Light' teacher '10
Studies with Thomas Hubl
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