Maria Olsthoorn

Energy Healing Science Visual Artist

Energy Healing Science- Healing of mind, body and spirit.


Have you resigned to your aches,  chronic pain, chronicly feeling below par. Have you learned to live with it. Or maybe you are trying to ignore your pain.....  ignore it, it is still there lingering in the background, dragging you down maybe. Are you feeling tired, irritated, frustrated. Is it affecting your social activities and quality of life?


I work with what's in your conscious and your subconscious. It can assist you on your healing journey and support you in restoring health and releasing habits and patterns that dont work in your favour. My healing work is an empowering experience for most people and aims to restore well-being and inspiration. I will teach you effective tools to maintain balance, health and create a purposeful, meaningful and inspired life.






I can help  with restoring your sense of well being.

by addressing your conscious and unconscious habits and using these as a tool for your transformation. I would be honored to assist you on a healing journey and support you in transforming your bad habits and resolve issues with others and life.

What type of session suits you best?

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30 min distant session

30 min of healing work done from my healing room in Forres, Scotland. You may experience my presence and healing work during the session. When you book you can let me know about your need and ask a question. Sorry, there is no personal contact.

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50 min distant session

The time of the session is focussed on deeper healing. When you book you can let me know what you would like me to focus on and ask me 2 questions. You will receive an email from me later that day with a synopsis of the healing. Sorry, no further personal contact.

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40 min one to one

We will meet on Zoom and after an initial check in with you I will guide you through a healing process with energy work and  some focussed process to take you deeper.

Communication happens in the moment and you can ask questions during our online time together.


Go deeper

One to one sessions where I teach you efficient self help healing tools and guide you through the process.

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40 min Chakra Charging

One to one online guided journey through clearing and charging

all 7 chakras. This is tremendously balancing for your body, mind, emotions and spirit, removes and clears energy blocks and charges your energy field with healthy and fresh energy for vitality and well being.

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40 min Intention healing

One to one healing session,

One to one healing where I facilitate you centering and grounding your energy body, facilitate your grounding into earth, assist you connecting with your Higher Self ,  and align

and center you in your Intention. 

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Guided Core Alignment (Advanced only)

You will be guided through clearing and charging the 7 Chakras, grounding and anchoring your energy, connecting into Higher Self and centering in Intention and expanding into your Source connection.