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Chrystal Bed Light Therapy

I feel deeply privileged to be able to offer the Chrystal Light Bed therapy, blessed by John of God and Don Inacio. Please contact me for further details. 

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The Healer is Present

The Healer is Present

5 day hands on training in cutting edge healing skills.

*It doesn't matter what technique you apply or what therapy you practice, what matters is your ability to be fully Present in each moment with your client.

During this course you will receive individual and in depth instruction in hands on healing and in being Present within yourself as a healer, as well as with your client.

Your ability to be centered in your Intention and Core Self is fundamental to your healing skills and is at the center of all teaching in this course.Each student will be met at the level of their healing ability.

Skills taught or addressed:
1 Awareness of energy flow. Charging and clearing blocks, using push, pull, stop, allow as healing tools, modulating your energy
2 Repairing energy structures and organs
5 Healing from love, surrender, wisdom
6 Intention Healing and Core Self healing.
7 Presence yourself throughout your being.
8 work with guides and guidance
9 Healing from intention throughout a healing
10 Healing as service to the Intention, longing and life purpose of your client.
11 When to do and when NOT to do.
12 Space for the unknown, possibly your biggest healing skill ever
13 Unconditional acceptance 
14 How to work with process in your client
15 Other and what emerges

5 day training 'The Healer is Present' course fee £520 *certficate
£100 non returnable deposit will reserve your place.

I have reserved the Temple Room in Savitri in the Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland/UK.
Please email me for further details and to book.