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Chrystal Bed Light Therapy

I feel deeply privileged to be able to offer the Chrystal Light Bed therapy, blessed by John of God and Don Inacio. Please contact me for further details. 

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Core Alignment Intensive

Core Alignment Intensive - Findhorn
Your energy field and your 4 dimensions are the foundation of your life. It supplies you with energy and life vitality to live your Life Purpose and fulfill your Souls Destiny. 
This intensive will strengthen and boost your resolve to live a joyful, healthy and meaningful life and gives an opportunity to be able to offer the skill to your client base.
Course content 
1 Energetic alignment of your 4 dimensions, Physical, Aura, Hara, Core Essence.
1.Deep work on Intention alignment and expansion of the Core Essence.This leads to centering deeply into your life purpose and into the present moment which is where all healing  happens.
2 Individual and group process work to serve your healing process and come more fully into your power.
3 Learning to do Hara Healing and Core Essence expansion through actual hands on healing work.
The course will consist of 5 days towards middle of March 2018 and will take place in Findhorn.
Course structure:
Mornings will consist of Alignment exercises, individual and group process work as well as experientials. 
Afternoons will be creative arts, experientials and hands on healing. 
There is an opportunity to stay on for a further day if you wish to deepen your hands on Core Alignment skills and receive personalized instruction in Hara Healing and Core Essence expansion to expand your skill base for your healing practice.
I hope this proposal inspires you and to see you all in the course, of course
Course fee £300
This excludes food and accommodation
Extra day of training intensive £150 (full course £450)