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I feel deeply privileged to be able to offer the Chrystal Light Bed therapy, blessed by John of God and Don Inacio. Please contact me for further details. 

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Core Alignment Intensive

Core Alignment Intensive
July 16 - 20
For those who have done this, we will be going deeper

The Core alignment exercises are powerful and effective and it is difficult to keep practicing on your own.

There is no better way then to meet in a group of like minded souls and join together in a common purpose, aligning your Energy Field and centering in your Life Purpose, strengthening your resolve to walk, stay on the Path and deepen in Presence.

Your chakras and energy field are your foundation for life. It supplies you with the energy and life vitality for health and well being and facilitates the expression of your Purpose to fulfill your Souls Destiny. When your energy field is out of sync life tends to get challenging.

This Intensive will strengthen and boost your ability to center yourself and align to your path as well as help resolve some personal limitations to experience a more joyful, healthy and meaningful life.

Course content:
1 Energetic alignment of Physical body, Aura, Intention, Core Self.

2 Deep work on Intention alignment and the Core Self.This leads to centring deeply into your Life Purpose and invites you into the present moment where healing becomes possible.

3 Individual and group process work to facilitate your personal transformational process, balance Will, Reason and Emotion and align more fully into the three divine aspect of Love, Serenity and Power.

4 We will enhance focus on exploring Intention and Core Self through the medium of focused art, movement and silent observing.

Great refresher course for previous Pathways participants and open to people already working with clients or those of you who have been or are my clients or students, or those who have done significant inner work. Also open to those who wish to repeat, with a promise that the exercises will have a fresh flavor and will be intended for going deeper. The main focus in this course will be on your ability to presence yourself in Intention and Core Self, deepening your being-ness and centring in your Life Task.

This course will serve as a deep energetic preparation for a further 5 days Hands on Healing training in the follow on course
'The Healer is Present'.

Core Alignment Course fee £375
Non returnable deposit of £100 will reserve your place
Places are limited (minimum 6 max 10) so please book early
to avoid disappointment.

I have reserved Savitri's Temple Space in
the Findhorn Foundation Community.
Please email me for more info and to book.