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I feel deeply privileged to be able to offer the Chrystal Light Bed therapy, blessed by John of God and Don Inacio. Please contact me for further details. 

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The 4 Dimensions of our Energy Anatomy

4 Dimensions of our Energy Life

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Brennan Healing Science suggests that all disease begins as a distortion on the 7th level of the auric field and works its way down through the layers of the aura into the physical body. During the healing process Brennan healers work intimately with these levels of the field and with the chakras. The ability as a healer to sense and work on all levels of the field is an important foundation for all physical healing work. Combined with High Sense Perception, the ability to sense beyond our normal range, it makes it possible to work with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.
Healing Skills include: Chelation, Organ-and Chakra Restructuring, Repairing Lines of Light, Spiritual Surgery, Cord (relationship) Healings, Time Capsule (Past Life) Healing, Hara and Core Star Healings, Guidance and more!
All these techniques are based on Brennans map of 'the Four Dimensions of Humankind': Physical (the body), Auric (the energy field that surrounds it), Haric (Intention) and Core Star (our inner divine core).  
Each Healing starts with a chelation. (Derives from Greek and translates into 'to claw out', this technique was originally designed by Rosalyn Bruyere a well known healer from the USA). The BHS Healer charges the clients energy field and thus fills the areas that are depleted. Once the clients' field becomes charged it starts to clear itself spontaneously and he/she is now ready for deeper work.
In Organ Restructuring the BHS Healer repairs the organ on each level of the energy field. This is done through reconnecting any broken energy lines and clearing it from clogged energy. After an organ restructuring clients may experience physical detox symptoms. 

A Time Capsule Healing (past life) releases emotional trauma that has been frozen in time and is held deep within the energy field, whether this lifetime or another. Deep life-changing emotional releases may occur.
In Spiritual Surgery, the BHS Healer allows a guide(s) on the 5th level to work through her/his being and perform etheric surgery. It requires a deep surrender to Divine Will, grounding, trust and positive intention. 
In a Hara Healing the BHS Healer strengthens the clients bridge between the Divine Core and personality, this bridge is called Intention. It is the dimension on which we connect to our life purpose. An important part of our healing journey is to strengthen this bridge and our positive intent to fulfill the divine and unique plan of our personal life. 
Core Essence, the divine spark in each one of us, that brings us into a rich and deeply meaningful contact with all of life and our individuation and oneness. Core Star Expansion often is part of a Hara Healing and infuses our Intention with the essence of our own Divine Core. It encourages an ever deepening connection with our true Self.
When people connect to the Core essence aspect of themselves they stop participating in negative patterns and stop putting up with abusive or destructive behavior. Old situations in their lives transform into positive, life enhancing new ones.
Barbara Brennan is a former nasa scientist and now world famous spiritual healer and teacher. She has created the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the USA. She has published the books: 'Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging' and a series of channellings titled: 'Seeds of the Spirit'. For more information about her, and the school please visit