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Chrystal Bed Light Therapy

I feel deeply privileged to be able to offer the Chrystal Light Bed therapy, blessed by John of God and Don Inacio. Please contact me for further details. 

Online courses
Distant healing

Your donation is deeply appreciated and will support someone who asks for healing,needs healing, but cannot afford it. Thank you

Maria Olsthoorn - Energy Healing Science

a 9 months course starting every day from the comfort of your own home

Core Healing

Core Alignment

Healing of body-mind emotions and spirit


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Sometimes this is hard to believe. We have resigned to our pain, sometimes chronic, we learn to live with it; stop feeling......but it's there, lingering in the background and probably dragging us down, making us tired, irritated, frustrated, affecting our social activities and quality of life.


Private Healing Sessionsprivate healing sessions

You will receive help with restoring your well being.

At the same time I work with your shadow issue which serves as a method for the awakening of your consciousness and as a tool for personal transformation. It is my privilege to assist you on your healing journey and support you in transforming the relationship you have with yourself, others and your life.

 Workshops in Energy Healing


This Healing work will assist and support the release of acute and chronic pain as well of the pain of our past(trauma). We create new space in which our true, authentic, original, joyful Core Self can emerge.
You may find that your life transforms as a result.
This Healing work is a very empowering experience for most people and puts them on an inspired and purposeful path with effective tools to create a purposeful, meaningful and inspired life.

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Pathways to the Self

Healing the Self through Shadow work